JBM Solar is a part of RWE, the UK’s leading power generator.

Unlocking enough renewable energy to meet the equivalent needs of 13,000 homes

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JBM Solar is preparing plans for a solar farm at Honeyhall Farm, which lies south of Congresbury, north of Churchill, and just west of the mushroom farm.

The site covers around 165 acres and could generate 30MW of power, avoiding over 800,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

This is the equivalent of both powering around 13,000 homes in North Somerset each year and taking 13,000 cars off North Somerset’s roads.

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JBM is proposing a new solar farm west of the mushroom farm to:


Meet the annual energy needs of over 13,000 homes


Displace over 800,000 tonnes of CO2 from equivalent fossil fuel energy generation during the solar farm’s lifespan


Achieve more than a 50% biodiversity net gain, improving the local environment for wildlife


Climate change

According to UK Research and Innovation, higher temperatures and lower rainfall due to climate change have serious consequences for soil fertility, having major implications for British farming. The main contribution to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

13 of the 14 hottest years on record have occurred in the 21st century and in the last 30 years each decade has been hotter on average than the previous one.



We are aiming to achieve more than a 50% biodiversity net gain, well above and beyond the Government requirements of 10%. This means that there will be more, and higher quality, plant and animal habitats than there are now.


Battery Storage

The solar farm will have battery storage, so that energy can be generated cheaply during the day and released during peak demand in the evening.